CloudCollab has expertise in developing software modules for Software defined infrastructure (SDI).
The SDI software includes Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).

Network Function virtualization (NFV)

Network Function virtualization (NFV) decouples network functions from proprietary hardware appliances. It consolidates and delivers networking components needed to support a fully virtualized infrastructure. We use standard IT virtualization technologies to virtualize network functions. CloudCollab can help re-architect existing network solutions, identify potential functional elements which can be moved to cloud and re-define the interfaces using virtualization infrastructure. Besides development of VNFs, CloudCollab can help development of NFV management and orchestration software layer. VNF orchestration software creates end to end solutions among VNFs and manages resources to be utilized among VIMs. VNFs are managed using VNF manager, which uses open interfaces.

CloudCollab teams have rich experience in developing enterprise cloud applications. They have developed networking applications at various layers in TCP/IP stack. This includes network functional elements as well as network solution provisioning applications. CloudCollab uses Amazon Cloud platform, devops methodology, and agile software development methods. With rich experience in domain and software engineering technology, CloudCollab is in a strong position to fulfill customer software development needs.


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