Professional Services

CloudCollab offers a variety of professional services also including project consulting,
implementation, integration assistance, and feature customization, etc.

Other Managed and Professional Services

Professional Services
• Advisory Services
• Business & Operational Consulting
• Information Outsourcing
• Service and Support
• Solution design.

Managed Services
• Application Upgrade
• Data Migration Services
• User Adoption Services
• Cloud Managed Services
• B2B Managed Services
• IT infrastructure
• Workflow management
• Project management
• Application Services
• Cloud and Data Services
• Communication Services
• Professional Voice Recording
• Networking Services
• Program Management
• Resiliency Services
• Security Services
• Systems and Infrastructure Services
• Agile Development & DevOps
• Hosting Services
• SAP Application Management

Benefits for you
• Cost reduction
• Process standardization and resource optimization
• SLA Management
• Continuous Process Improvement
• End-to-End service ownership
• Alignment to ITIL framework
• Contract for Performance
• Greater access to talent possessing the appropriate skills
• Reduced time to market by delivering quality IT services with speed - helping achieve business goals
• Increased scalability and global capabilities


"At CloudCollab, we deliver high quality products, using best in class technology and processes that our customers can trust with confidence."   more...

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