Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Our RCS Solution opens up possibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of solutions such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence and other third party industrial applications.

Our RCS technology Solution enables operators with IMS-based solutions to offer subscribers an unrivaled user experience, seamlessly incorporate traditional SMS and MMS solutions, and connect to 3rd party or over-the-top (OTT) applications.

With the growth of Business to Customer (B2C) Messaging, RCS is gaining momentum with global launches and a growing handset adoption. Its open platform provides developers with everything they need to build and deploy advanced communication applications, offering new revenue opportunities for operators looking to offer new solutions to enterprise customers.

Features :-
• Sender identified by name, not a short-code or MSISDN
• Integration of graphics and QR codes
• Hot-buttons to websites replacing links
• Executable code embedded in the message, enabling customers to take action immediately without going to a website
• Spam protection and privacy control measures to maintain customer trust
• Provides the basis for up-selling A2P SMS now, and a chatbot platform in the near future

Benefits of RCS :-
RCS messaging delivers four key improvements over SMS:

Verified sender:- An RCS message displays the brand name a marketer wants to present, as opposed to an SMS message that identifies the sender by a 10-digit phone number or a five- or six-digit short code. This improves consumer trust and increases receptivity to a brand’s message.

Customized branding:- Marketers can employ a brand image within an RCS-threaded conversation next to their responses similar to how a personal conversation can contain a photo or other avatar icon. This reinforces the sense that the customer is engaged in an actual dialogue with the brand or its representative.

Rich media:- RCS messages can interweave many forms of media, including still imagery, video and audio. Customers benefit because they can return to this content in the context in which they received it — their messaging application — rather than having to open yet another app or their browser. Jon’s Virgin Train ticket was delivered directly to his phone in a user-friendly form factor. Typical SMS messages require customers to manually add the confirmation quick response code to their native wallet application.

Suggested replies and actions:- Responses in an RCS format can include suggested actions that are available with the tap of an icon. These actions go beyond a simple text response, and can include deep links into an associated app such as Google Maps or links into an app store to download a branded application.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Other Benefits :-
• Offers a rich feature set
• Provides go-anywhere availability
• Enables universal reach to all subscribers and messaging communities
• Supports GSMA OneAPIs
• Supplies peak performance
• Incorporates availability and reliability
• Leverages a proven vendor!

CloudCollab`s solution allows for mobile and fixed network operators and MSOs to offer rich communication solutions (RCS) that blend voice, video, messaging and presence.


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