Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

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VoLTE :- VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, or Voice over Long Term Evolution. Most next-generation or so-called 4G wireless networks use Long Term Evolution technology. Voice calls over LTE are recognized as the industry-agreed progression of voice solutions across mobile networks, deploying LTE radio access technology.

Benefits :-
1) High-definition voice:- The most noticeable benefit consumers will experience with VoLTE is improved voice quality. Traditional voice networks transmit voice calls using an 8kbps codec.

2) Rich Communications Services or RCS:- VoLTE will also enable wireless operators to deliver a new set of standard-based solutions referred to as Rich Communications solutions, or RCS. These solutions include video calling, file transferring, real time language translation, video voicemail and instant messaging. Many of these applications are already delivered over cellular data solution using third-party apps.

3) Faster call set up time:- Connecting calls using VoLTE will be much faster than it is today using the older circuit-switched technology on a 2G wireless network. It can be up to twice as fast as non-VoLTE call setups.

4) Improved battery life over other VoIP apps:- VoLTE solutions offer much-improved battery life compared with using an over-the-top Voice over IP solution.

5) Integration of VoLTE with voice over Wi-Fi solution:- Another benefit for consumers is better integration between a wireless operators' cellular voice solution and a Wi-Fi calling solution. Improving the transition between the cellular voice call, which uses licensed wireless spectrum, and a Wi-Fi call, which uses unlicensed spectrum, is important because it helps to get better indoor coverage in areas where licensed wireless spectrum is limited. That means improved coverage for consumers.

6) True device interoperability:- Once carriers make VoLTE solutions interoperable among different carrier networks, there won't be any technology barriers among most of the world's wireless operators. The CDMA/GSM divide that's separated the four major wireless operators in the US will no longer be an issue. What this could mean for the average consumer is that you may be able to buy one device that could truly operate on any wireless network. All the major carriers would be delivering data solutions and voice solutions using the same 4G LTE technology. And if your smartphone supported enough LTE wireless bands, you'd be able to take that device to any carrier and get both voice and data solution.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Other Benefits :-
• Provides a more efficient use of spectrum than traditional voice.
• Meets the rising demand for richer, more reliable solutions.
• Eliminates the need to have voice on one network and data on another.
• Unlocks new revenue potential, utilizing IMS as the common solution platform.
• Can be deployed in parallel with video calls over LTE and RCS multimedia solutions, including video share, multimedia messaging, chat and file transfer.
• Ensures that video solutions are fully interoperable across the operator community, just as voice solutions are, as demand for video calls grows.
• Increases handset battery life by 40 per cent (compared with VoIP).
• Delivers an unusually clear calling experience.
• Provides rapid call establishment time.


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