(Web Real-Time Communications) is a technology which enables Web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and/or video media, as well as to exchange arbitrary data between browsers without requiring an intermediary.

The set of standards that comprise WebRTC makes it possible to share data and perform teleconferencing peer-to-peer, without requiring that the user install plug-ins or any other third-party software.

As enterprise communications start taking advantage of WebRTC in-browser capability, there is a need to connect WebRTC customers to the enterprise communication solutions which are largely SIP based. Softil DTBU WebRTC Interconnect Solution was created specifically to address this need by utilizing best-of-breed protocol stacks and extending them to support required WebRTC transport and media capabilities.

Advantages :-
• Secure voice and video
• Advanced voice and video quality
• Reliable session establishment
• Multiple media streams
• Adaptive to network conditions
• Interoperability with VoIP and video
• Rapid application development

We Provide :-
• Media Servers/Media Gateways
• SIP-Based call centers
• Video-conferencing bridges/cloud
• Video/audio endpoints

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC)


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